Brick Wall Genealogy

Brick Wall Genealogy

In genealogy circles, a "Brick Wall" is a dead end; an ancestor who just doesn't want to be found. I have created this site in order to help those who would like to know more about their families, or need assistance in how to break down their own "Brick Walls".

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In 2005, inspired by requests from my maternal grandmother, father and in-laws, I began my journey to discover our roots. In the beginning, I realized my family knew very little about their ancestors, so I started out with very little. I began my search on the Internet and the local Family History Library. Through many lucky discoveries, I have collected new cousins, a growing family tree, and a new appreciation for my family.

Most of the photos that adorn this site's home page are from my father-in-law. Very little was known of his paternal lineage except for a few family stories and a handful of photographs. His paternal grandmother died when his father was 2 years old. Many of the family stories had elements of truth, but were often off by a generation in time. Whole branches of the tree were lost from memory. Thankfully, some of these branches have since been restored.

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If you need help with your genealogy, feel free to with your "Brick Walls."

About Me

My name is Kate. I am a mother of three children. I remain active in many on-line groups and have worked with many wonderful researchers helping others new to the field solve their genealogical brick walls. My family is a collection of English, Welsh, Irish, Icelandic, Danish, Swedish and German roots with a little French in the mix. I find my roots in Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Rhode Island, and Louisiana. We are Catholic, Quaker, and Non-Denominational; artists, musicians, actors and writers; grocers, farmers and butchers; warriors and peacemakers.